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ze of for an instant, all fans of northern cards http://qoe1903885.livejournal.com/51897.html raising of hands Gao Gao, when the ball once wears a ball net, once their hands hold, the madness of"oh" shouts. The Lin reached to http://tral3715184.livejournal.com/51120.html satisfy to smile, with Luo Xiao the Feng and department Tu pulled out to clap to clap hands, together voice"YEAH!"1. The breeze soared to lightly smile to smile, was soon hugged by thunder with excitements all over the face and Di text to run to return to retiring room. On the ground, the teammates that leave still in stunned inside Chad Sen and him. ************************************************* PS:thank so far still is supporting this book and my friend, this book data tidies up currently in, prepare to finish writing it...Still concern originally the friend of the book, please pay attention to my blog:http://hi.baidu.com/web_lcp Chapter 55 whole field tightly forcesRenew time 2009-1-123:16:38 word numbers:2323 The half time takes a rest. The Kang is big of rest the indoor, atmosphere abnormality of suppress.In the middle of leading nearly for 20 minutes, but being thrown by the other party in the time of end one presses Shao three divide anti- super, this is very serious to the stroke of morale. "Everyone doesn't want so strain."See the indoor atmosphere suppress, the Kang is big of the coach smiled to smile and clapped to concentrate the attention of the owner to him there. All persons with big Kang can not help a title lookinging at them young coach. The Kang big coach pushed to push me

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